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I wanted to do something amazing for my fiancee on our anniversary witch happens to be Valentine's Day , I've had 2 children and my body is no where near perfect nor thin . I am not a confident person and body shame myself pretty much daily. Yet I still wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot even though I knew it was way out of my comfort zone. My spirits were lifted After getting to the studio Amanda and her crew were very friendly and they never judged , they actually help boost your confidence and if you need some wine they have that on hand. I definitely feel like I can and will do this again, Amanda thanks so much for helping women find there inner beauty and giving them a big confidence boost. I can't wait for him to see the pictures I hope he loves them as much as I do


I was super nervous about having boudoir pictures done for the first time, less than a year ago. I talked with Amanda and told her I couldn't do it! She told me that I could, so I did. The session was so much fun & super relaxing. Since my first session I have done another session & then have 4 more sessions. She makes you feel comfortable & you get to experience you're beauty through another's perspective. One session was for a significant other & another session was just for me because I had so much fun.




I loved working with Amanda! She made me feel so comfortable! Never thought I would've had as much fun as I did! My husband loved the Book that I had made for him for his wedding gift! My pictures turned out AMAZING & Amanda always knows the best poses and facial expressions! Love the indoor/ outdoor setups!

I had an absolute blast working with Amanda! I have done two marathons with her. Both times (especially the first), I was a nervous hot mess. Once Amanda started snapping away, I was having a blast! Laughter and all, and that's saying something since I'm captain serious over here. Her team was amazing! I loved both my hair and makeup. The pictures turned out better than I could ever imagine. You can tell that she loves what she does. I have confidence issues like most people, but by the time I left, I felt like a beautiful badass!

I came to Amanda wanting to give a unique gift to my husband. Im a bigger girl and of course i was nervous as all heck to get naked in front of strangers what was supose to be a one on one turned into more like a four on one due to friends droping in to see the new studio. I was ok with them being there because Amanda and i had been taking pictures for over an hour at that point. What started as a unique gift for my husband turned into a gift for me in the end i found my confidence again. Thank you Amanda Kulek

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