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I'm Amanda, a Midland Michigan boudoir photographer who ROCKS making lovely, gorgeous, ladies, look SEXY as hell!

I go above and beyond for every client who walks into my studio or looks into my camera. I am very passionate in my career and extremely active with all my clients! I have a wonderful group of ladies who have joined my Facebook group and follow me. I go live on a weekly basis to update everyone how their photos are coming along. I run specials and we all chat and get to know each other. My life is like an open book. I have no secrets or any regrets! I live my life as a busy single mother who supports my children! I love my job and wouldn't trade it for anything!        

I operate both an inside, studio location as well as serve my clients on location by using the beauty of outdoors. The studio is located at 152 E. Saginaw Rd. Sanford MI, 48657. Its important to me that you feel comfortable and relaxed. By providing a studio I am able to allow my clients  a place of privacy in a relaxing atmosphere.  

On location boudoir session is where we go outdoors and shoot. I have a few favorite locations that I love to use. Sometimes I do sessions in the woods or in my yard at home. Other times we can use old cars for pin-up sessions or I bring props and turn the location into something gorgeous.  

on location

my studio

     "I came to Amanda wanting to give a unique gift to my husband. Im a bigger girl and of course i was nervous as all heck to get naked in front of strangers what was supose to be a one on one turned into more like a four on one due to friends droping in to see the new studio. I was ok with them being there because Amanda and i had been taking pictures for over an hour at that point. What started as a unique gift for my husband turned into a gift for me in the end i found my confidence again. Thank you Amanda Kulek"

   "I had an absolute blast working with Amanda! I have done two marathons with her. Both times (especially the first), I was a nervous hot mess. Once Amanda started snapping away, I was having a blast! Laughter and all, and that's saying something since I'm captain serious over here. Her team was amazing! I loved both my hair and makeup. The pictures turned out better than I could ever imagine. You can tell that she loves what she does. I have confidence issues like most people, but by the time I left, I felt like a beautiful badass!"

    "I was super nervous about having boudoir pictures done for the first time, less than a year ago. I talked with Amanda and told her I couldn't do it! She told me that I could, so I did. The session was so much fun & super relaxing. Since my first session I have done another session & then have 4 more sessions. She makes you feel comfortable & you get to experience you're beauty through another's perspective. One session was for a significant other & another session was just for me because I had so much fun."

    "I loved working with Amanda! She made me feel so comfortable! Never thought I would've had as much fun as I did! My husband loved the Book that I had made for him for his wedding gift! My pictures turned out AMAZING & Amanda always knows the best poses and facial expressions! Love the indoor/ outdoor setups!"

I felt like a
beautiful badass!





     "Working with Amanda is a such a fun experience! When the opportunity for me to do a boudoir photo shoot, I thought NO WAY! After having 4 kids, the idea of myself being/feeling sexy was kind of scary. I see all of my flaws and figured everyone else will too. Amanda told me that every woman should feel sexy in their own skin... that got me thinking. I decided to book a shoot and I am so glad I did!! At first, I was so nervous but Amanda and her team made me feel completely comfortable, as soon as I walked in the door. After my hair and makeup was done, I really felt beautiful! I never have had anyone take pictures of me like that but Amanda walked me through everything. My nerves and fears were calmed and I really let my guard down. I am so glad I had them done because they came out amazing! Had so much fun and loved how they turned out, that I booked another shoot! I highly recommend this to everyone."


    "I wanted to do something special for my husband for the holidays, so I made an appointment to do a boudoir session with amanda. Sexy poses, sexy outfits (even brought my own!), make up, pampering, wine, food, the whole 9. Within 2 days I had my photos back! So... here's the thing.... I took these photos for my husband like I said...but, after seeing them I was reminded of how beautiful I was!!! Amanda took the time to make sure her lighting was on point to ensure I didn't pick apart my "personal" flaws, she made me feel comfortable, laugh and feel really important to HER, that I was in that moment, HER artwork. Thanks for a great experience Amanda! Much Love!”


   "“ Working with Amanda and her company, Fae Laume Photography, was an amazing experience! From the moment you walk in the door you're pampered, treated, posed and positioned into some of the most stunning photographs! I was absolutely amazed at how wonderful I looked - even after having a mastectomy, Amanda helped me feel sexy and myself again! These photos were meant for my husband, but instead are mine to show what a strong, beautiful, and powerful woman I am! I highly recommend Secrets by Fae and Amanda Kulek to anyone who asks!”


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